Cape Pillar, Three Capes Track

Cape Pillar, Three Capes Track

turrakana / Tasman Peninsula, Tasman National Park, Tasmania

Tasman Island from near Cape Pillar

This image was one of the most difficult photographs that I have ever edited.

The technique behind taking this photograph is quite challenging as it is a matter of capturing the light that is changing very quickly due to the rising sun, with a very long exposure time. Also, I have used multiple very long exposure images to create a panorama. Each photograph took around 3 minutes each to capture a good exposure and there are 4 photographs combined to create this photograph at a very high resolution. So all up it took roughly 12 minutes to capture this photograph.

Given that this lens is quite a wide angle view, combined with it being a panorama, meant that the light was a bit different from the left image to the right due to covering such a large view. The main issue however, was that I must have bumped the tripod whilst rotating the camera between shots.

Cape Pillar is also a little bit remote so reshooting the photograph was out of the question.

In all of my photographs I aim to reflect the scene as I recall it. Nowadays, every photograph that is seen online or through the media is edited sometimes a little, other times a lot. I always aim to reflect the actual landscape and I have no interest in compositions like where people replace skies etc. This image, despite my accidental knock of the tripod, is a true reflection of the scene.

It literally took days to edit and I hope you enjoy it as much as I do now that everything is as it should be...

Photographic Prints

  • Print size


    839mm (33.03inch)


    420mm (16.54inch)


    300 Pixels/Inch

  • Ratio

    Landscape 2:1

  • Printing details


    Canson Platine Fibre Rag 310gsm - a premium semi-gloss photo paper.

  • Inks

    High quality archival pigment inks.

  • Border

    A 25mm margin (a white border) is applied to all edges. This border is added to the size listed.

  • Watermark

    All watermarks are removed from photographic prints.

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    Prints are packaged in a clear archival sleeve that is rolled and shipped in a mailing tube.

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    Australian postage is free, international shipping is also available

  • Framing

    Framing is not supplied, however can be arranged through Tasmanian-based suppliers at retail cost. Additional shipping costs apply, and delivery time is extended.

Technical Details

Camera settings

  • Camera

    Sony a7r

  • Lens

    Zeiss Batis f2.8 18mm

  • Exposure

    178 second exposure

  • Aperture


  • ISO


  • Digital details

    Dimensions: 9914px x 4957px

    Megapixels: 49.14mp


  • Photographic

    4 individual ultra long exposure photographs shot in a portrait position for the horizontal panorama.

  • Processing

    Raw long exposures edited in Lightroom using custom linear profiles. Panorama merged and edited in Photoshop.


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