Wangi Falls Sunset

Wangi Falls Sunset

Litchfield National Park, Northern Territory

A pleasant and easy to access waterfall that is a popular swimming hole. Litchfield is an area that I have visited many times given how close it is to Darwin. Wangi Falls is my favourite location and at the right time of year the falls are simply beautiful.

I have spent many hours grazing along the water’s edge of this location, taking virtually every type of waterfall photograph possible. During this shot, I was sitting on the viewing platform waiting for the golden light of the setting sun to pass over the waterfall. The sun created a unique two-tone glow on the cliffs. I chose a long exposure and relatively high aperture to capture the flowing water with a high-level of sharpness and detail.


Camera Information

CameraNikon D7100
LensTokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f/2.8
Exposure30 sec @ f / 8
FilterHoya PRO ND 1000 Neutral Density 10 Stop Filter (77mm)
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