The Cockburn Ranges, Gibb River Road

The Cockburn Ranges, Gibb River Road

From a different angle

The Cockburn Ranges would have to be the most popular location for photography along the Gibb River Road. There are many stunning views of the mountain range and it is simply stunning at sunset. During this visit, I was on a motorcycle (best way to travel) and lucky enough to be able to venture slightly off-road.

There are a few Boab trees along the river, I was on the lookout for a different perspective and my aim in this shot was to replicate the Gibb River Road’s sometimes harsh environment. This shot required a panoramic approach taken with a wide-angle lens and multiple exposures. At this stage in the day, the sun was producing a strong light with a lot of contrast and I wanted to emphasise that by using black & white.


Camera Information

CameraNikon D7100
LensTokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f/2.8
Exposure1/400 sec @ f / 2.8
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