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One Night in Sydney - Time-Lapse


I was flying from Darwin to my home town of Hobart – a domestic flight that requires a stopover. Sydney was the destination of this stopover and I decided to make it an overnight one. Arriving in Sydney after dark, I roamed the city streets researching a handful of spots to Time-Lapse during the still of the night. As impressive as certain areas of the city are, the harbour is hard to compete with. The view from Mrs Macquarie’s Chair is perhaps my favourite location with the rising sun lighting up the Opera House and Bridge.


Camera Information

Camera Nikon D7100, Nikon 17-55mm f2.8, Tokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f2.8
EquipmentMacBook Pro, Oben ball head, Manfrotto Tripod
SoftwareAdobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects
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