Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt at sunset

The view of Mt Sturgeon and Mt Abrupt from Dunkeld

It was a beautiful winters day in the quiet town of Dunkeld, Victoria. I had been waiting for the opportunity to capture this image for a few weeks. This image was taken from from the roadside lookout looking up towards these two beautiful mountains. When driving from the West or the South, these mountains dominate the flat and wide landscape and they are quite unique. With this image I was able to capture the last glimpses of light across the foreground whilst lighting the mountains with it’s golden glow. The sky was simply perfect – a combination of relatively high cloud covering most of the sky, yet allowing the sun to radiate light from the horizon.


Camera Information

CameraSony A7R
LensSamyang 14mm f/2.8
Exposure1/25 Sec at f/8
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