Great Ocean Walk - Gibson Steps

Twelve Apostles Marine National Park, Victoria, Australia

This was captured during the January long weekend and the summer weather was absolutely perfect. Gibsons Steps was busy and it was a great atmosphere. Despite being shot close to the middle of the day, the horizon was a little hazy which added some great colour into the sky. To achieve the smooth effect on the rough sea, I used a 10 stop Nisi filter with a long exposure. The light weight Sony mirrorless camera was mounted on my carbon fibre tripod which, despite being an amazing combination, it was actually too light for the rough sea – I had to physically hold the tripod down to avoid it from tipping over!

Following on from my previous photograph of the area around Gibsons Steps on the Great Ocean Road, I wanted to share another technique for avoiding having unwanted tourists in the frame of your photograph. This technique, despite its passive aggressive nature, is ideal if you are prepared to go further than most. It really is quite simple, you just get in front of the tourists. I don’t really want to be that guy but if you want the shot, sometimes you have to do what it takes.

Earlier in the day, I had numerous encounters with groups of people standing, dancing & frolicking directly in front of my camera, they were even posing in front of it, perhaps I looked like a photographer that new what he was doing and they wanted to be stars, but I was not there to take their photograph and I’m pretty sure they could tell by the look on my face. If they had of asked, I may have given them my card, taken a few quick shots and emailed them at a later stage.

So to summarise, if you find yourself at a popular destination and you are looking to take a photograph, I think the key is to be efficient in your actions. If there are others photographers in the area, and you have the perfect photograph in mind but you think you might get in the way of the photographer, I would recommend to ask them if you can get in front of them to take a quick photograph, ask them how wide are they shooting and if you are, or would in the frame. It is often a case of “first in, first serve” when you get to a popular destination like Gibsons Steps – but if you are looking for the perfect shot, most photographers will let you be in the frame as long as you communicate with them.


Camera Information

CameraSONY A7R
LensZEISS Batis 2.8/18
Exposure15 sec @ f / 13
Ratio2.4 : 1
Digital Dimensions6454px by 2689px
Print Dimensions26inch x 11inch (6500mm x 280mm)
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