Derby Wharf

Derby Wharf

Black & White, Long Exposure. Derby, Western Australia

It was a crystal clear morning without a sound. It was a Sunday morning and Derby was asleep. It was an incoming tide and the water meandered gently against the pillars and rocks on the shore. I was intrigued to see the underside of the jetty, getting as low as possible to reveal the detail of the jetty from below.

Compositionally, I felt that getting lower would be the best way to emphasis the gradual lines and lead the eye along the horizon and through the image. My intention with this image was to capture the sweeping curves of the jetty with a long exposure shot. Using a high aperture combined with a 10 stop ND filter and a longer exposure of 40 seconds, I was aiming to create a minimalistic composition. The benefits of this technique include creating a glass-like effect on the water, which reduces movement and reflection, whilst creating mood with the deep shadows of first light.


Camera Information

LensTokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f/2.8
FilterHoya PRO ND 1000 Neutral Density 10 Stop Filter (77mm)
Exposure40 sec @ f / 13
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