Lee Point Coastal Reserve, Darwin, Northern Territory

Wandering the shores of beaches is a wonderfully relaxing way to spend the day. I often cycled up to Lee Point whilst I was living in Darwin purely for this reason. Just my camera and my thoughts. I had walked past this large branch a few times and often thought it would be interesting to see what would happen during a high-tide.

I had planned this visit to coincide with a king-tide and I was pleasantly surprised to find the broken limb resting on the shore. The timing was right and I had the patience to take an ultra long exposure. I used 2 ND filters, (16 f/stops in total) with an exposure of 157 seconds. Using this technique, helps to portray the minimalist approach to the composition. The colours in the sky smooth through the clouds and the rough waves washing onto shore turn into a polished shine.


Camera Information

Exposure157 sec @ f / 9
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