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A Cattle Station In The Kimberley


This is a personal piece with the intention of documenting my time whilst living and working on a large cattle station in the remote Central Kimberley region of northern Western Australia.

At this stage in my photographic journey, personal experiences and having the ability to access parts of the country that others simply cannot are high on my list of priorities.

During the shooting of this project, I was working 6/7 days a week as a station hand on the property. I was constantly juggling my photography around my “day job”. Learning how to use fencing wire and steel pickets to create immoveable camera platforms is a skill that I will hold onto for life!


Camera Information

EquipmentMacBookPro, Ikan Carbon Camera Slider (31"), Radian motion controller, Oben ball heads, Manfrotto Tripod
SoftwareAdobe Lightroom, Adobe After Effects + Granite Bay plugin, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Media Encoder
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