Cape Hauy Sunrise

Cape Hauy Sunrise

Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania

Now that I have returned to Tasmania, I am determined to capture the landscape as vividly as I can. Cape Hauy is a incredible location and one of the first walks that I have done since returning. The hike in takes roughly 2 hours (each way) and involves some relatively steep sections. The track itself is a wide and very well maintained track, with large steps beautifully crafted into the hilly sections and some well place seats. The walk features stunning views all of the way along the track. The highlight is when you reach the sheer cliffs at the end of the track where you are presented with stunning 360 degree views of the rugged Tasman National Park.

This photograph is one of the stills from a time-lapse that I’m currently working on. To capture this image, I arrived at the carpark at 3:30am and commenced the walk in. At the carpark, I realised that I had left my head torch back at the camp and thankfully had a spare light in my pack. Despite this little set back, I began the walk and arrived well before sunrise which gave me time to review the best vantage point. Based on my research prior to the trip I knew exactly where the sun would rise and the intention was to find a location where the sun would light up the cliffs as it was rising. It always make me a little nervous when you arrive at a spot for the first time in complete darkness and set up the camera for a motion controlled time-lapse – because once you start capturing photos, you simply cannot adjust the composition once it has started without ruining the end time-lapse.

I think this photograph turned out even better than I had planned. I was hoping for more sunlight on the cliffs however I was lucky enough for a slither of the sunrise on one side of the image, and brilliantly illuminated rain clouds on the left side of the image.

Stay tuned for the end time-lapse – it is my personal favourite to date!


Camera Information

CameraSony A7R
LensSamyang 14mm f2.8
Exposure0.5 sec @ f / 8
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