Bungle Bungle at Dusk

Bungle Bungle at Dusk

Vertical Panorama. Western Australia

The Bungle Bungles were empty at this stage in the evening. I had spent the day walking around some of the main tracks looking for the best vantage point for the setting sun. The sky was full of colour and the contrast of the “bee hive domes” was drawing me into creating a vertical panorama.

My aim with this photograph was to create further contrast between the sky and the domes. I decided that using an ultra long exposure of 120 seconds would add softness and motion to the clouds which I think helps to create this contrast. This was achieved using two stacked ND filters, one 10 stop and 4 stop ND filter.

The aim of the composition is to draw the eye towards the domes whilst also placing emphasis on the beautiful colours of the sky.


Camera Information

CameraNikon D7100
LensTokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f/2.8
Exposure120 sec @ f / 3.2
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