12 Apostles at dawn

12 Apostles at Dawn

Great Ocean Road, Victoria, Australia

Whilst living in the Grampians, I headed down to Geelong to purchase a 135mm f2 Canon L series lens with a Metabones adapter that allows it to be used on my favourite Sony A7R camera. Typically this lens is one of the best regarded Portrait lenses available and I had a desire to use this focal length for shooting landscape for sometime. When returning to the Grampians I decided to spend the night on the Great Ocean Road and give the lens a test. I was and am still an avid fan of this combination and despite my fondness for wide-angle imagery I am very impressed with this lens for use in shooting landscape photographs. The sharpness and colour rendition of this lens is excellent.

This panoramic landscape is the combination of a number of high resolution photographs. This photograph is able to be printed at over 1.5 metres wide at a very high quality.


Camera Information

CameraSony A7R
LensCanon 135mm f/2 L
Exposure1/125 sec
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